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Head Shots
Nifty Boy by DragonsFlameMagic
Warden Muy Caliente by DragonsFlameMagic
Inky by DragonsFlameMagic
Equine type animals only.
Cell style shading.
Please include a picture and personality bio of your character. If nothing is available I will use expressions I feel suite the drawing.
Sketches will be shown before I finish coloring, at which time you can change something if needed, after this stage it will be finalized and no re-dos will be made.  All sales are final.


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My horse Groups

[CLOSED] Commissions / $0 - $15 PricesHi friends!
I thought I would make a commission journal encase any one was interested. XD
Equines Only Please.
I accept PayPal / DA points / and Art Work as payment. Note me if you want to do a combination of payment types. 
Commissions will began once payment is processed and in order it was received.
:bulletblue: For artwork to be processed as payment, it must have effort put into it. It will be judged on your own gallery works, not skill level. I reserve the right to reject a piece of art as payment if I feel it was rushed and little effort made. On that note I do not accept line art recolors or tracings. It must be your own work.
Discounts apply to commissions from these groups
 :icondastanian-registry: :iconvalorteen: :iconboucle-unicorn:
Simple Sketch $1.00 (1.12 EUR) / 100 :points: / or $0 for 1 full body colored drawing of one of my horses from you.

Head Shot $5 (4.48 EUR) / 500 :points: / or $0 for 2 full body colored
VALORTEEN: Newbie Breeding Barn
Mutations | Breeding & Designs | Magicks 
♦ Group News | Imports | Rules & FAQ ♦
Puntos | Newbie Breeding Barn | Events
Welcome to the Newbie Breedi

:iconvalorteen: DFM Valorteen Barn:new: Slot value trading has been added! All horses have been updated!
DragonsFlameMagic Breeding Rules and Info
 Slots are obtained through art, points, USD, and slot trades. *Art is prefered* XD
 Art is valued by Puntos Points.  Valorteen's Puntos Points System
 Puntos Prices are based on class rarity and breeding perks.
 Breeding Images count towards total point values
Class and Breeding Perk Values
Single Recessive Mutations are 1/2 the price. Dominate and Multiple Recessive Mutations follow this chart.
Natural = 5pp / 50 :points:
Natural + Breeding Perk = 10pp / 100 :points: / $1
Common Mutations = 10pp / 100 :points: / $1Common Mutations + Breeding Perk = 20pp / 200 :points: / $2
Breedings stamp-open by Johaan-N
:icondastanian-registry: All my Dastanian-Registry InformationThis journal will keep track of all my Dastanian's so I dont have to hunt for their Journals all the time

Starter Imports
ID D032 / Opal by DragonsFlameMagic
Tina Diploma by BlueFire-PhoenixTina Rosette by BlueFire-Phoenix Cassy Diploma by BlueFire-PhoenixCassy Rosette by BlueFire-PhoenixCassy Rosette 2 by BlueFire-Phoenix
WINTER comp 2nd place ribbon by awesomeowl321WINTER comp 2nd place ribbon by awesomeowl321WINTER comp 2nd place ribbon by awesomeowl321WINTER comp 3rd place ribbon by awesomeowl321WINTER comp participator ribbon by awesomeowl321WINTER comp participator ribbon by awesomeowl321
Breedings stamp-open by Johaan-N
:iconboucle-unicorn: All My Boucle-Unicorn InformationThis journal will keep track of all my Boucle's so I don't have to hunt for their Journals all the time.
Starter Imports
Grey on Gris Rabicano
Birthstone: Yellow Sapphire
ID: E268
Height: 16.2hh
Won in

Cocoa B311 [SOLD]
Breedings stamp-open by Johaan-N
:iconpadrohorse: All my PadroHorse InformationThis journal will keep track of all my Padro's so I don't have to hunt for their Journals all the time.
Starter Imports

Breedings stamp-open by Johaan-N

dA Guide: Text Formatting
Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work! (Certain codes do not work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
:new: :new: :new:
Try NOT to copy/paste the codes, manually type them out yourself.  (Copy/paste messes up some of the codes lately thanks to dA).  :C
:new: :new: :new:
This is just a simple html guide to formatting text on dA (and other sites as well).  My goal was just to compile some html info into a simple, easy to understand guide for quick reference.  :)  Please let me know if the codes don't show up because sometimes they disappear when dA updates certain things.
This guide goes a little above and beyond dA's FAQ entry (although I purposely left out anything to do with links, because they don't work on literature submissions).  I also provided working examples, which might make the codes a little easier to understand. (Keep

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Gift for DragonsFlameMagic by LupinHallow


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Earth Willow F100 by DragonsFlameMagic

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Hey friends!
Im going to do a wish list! and a tag! I will tag you to make your own so I have a idea of what I will do for others presents too

Personality: Quite with a thoughtful stare.

Alannah hardly speaks, and if she does its the most alluring and haunting voice you will ever listen to. When she walks, shes so graceful it looks as if her hooves are gliding. Shes is so beautifully stoic and quite she is like the undead. These qualities make her a bit creepy to most, like a restless spirit. She lives in the most dangerous place on the planet (The Badlands) and even the dragons there will not cross her. Alannah has a very commanding presence and can darken any room with unease she is in.  

  • Lilac 500 by DragonsFlameMagic Lilac is too pretty to get lost in my barn. Lilac lives in the Tundra

Personality: Gentile and kind

Lilac lives in the Tundra protected by the Dragon Clan of Ice. She found herself on the run when she accidentally fell from Cloud Kingdom into The Badlands. She was brought to the dragon kingdom of Obsidian and put on trial as a spy for "the pretty pony king" (Cloud Dancer, ruler of Cloud Kingdom) Lilac was found guilty with no evidence and sentenced to be imprisoned for life. While in her prison cell she bartered with the guards to escape in a meal cart. Unfortunately she was caught by another guard wanting to taste the food she was hiding under. Lilac ran for her life as she was chased to the edge of the Badlands. The guards gave up chasing her when she dove into the sea. After many days floating in the ocean she was saved by the Ice Clan leader's son, Thrasher. He took her to the glacier where they all lived and she became part of the clan. She loved them all so much she never has wanted to go back to the Cloud Kingdom and now calls the Tundra home.

Personality: Classy

Opal is a very classy horse. She is high born and because of that is very high up in society. The King of Cloud Kingdom, Cloud Dancer falls in love with her after she and a band of fighters helped save the kingdom from an invasion. She now rules along side him as Queen.

  • Night Sasha 177 by DragonsFlameMagic I couldnt help myself lol! Sasha is a tool, but he is my tool. He lives in the Undead Wasteland

Personality: Has a masculine complex. He always thinks others are judging him and calling him girly for having pink hair and hooves, because of this he acts like a jerk and is always trying to be manly.

Sasha was a racer in the Aleanea Kingdom and has a hard exterior. He was made fun of as a foal for having pink jewel mutation. His rival in the races is Shenandoah. Sasha cant stand him, although Shen could care less about the whole thing.
While on a very important race, Sasha ran over the night gem hidden in the track. He lost the race and blames every horse in the race that day. He believes he was set up and someone put it there. He hasn't found the perpetrator. Since being dark and inky, he moved to the Undead Wasteland where he feels more at home. He races there now with all the undead creatures.

LupinHallow AR-Jones Onyx-Niight IceHoovesAcres cows-arts LightningWolf913 Serenade-The-Wolf xxWinglessWolf Spudalyn WinterGiraffe TheBlackAlicorn 
If I forgot anyone I'm sorry! Please write a wish list and tag me anyway! LOL!

Wish list tracker
X-Mas Art Wishlist!Greetings y'all! Normally I don't do tags/wishlists BUT the lovely DragonsFlameMagic has tagged me, and in this case I cannot refuse! ;p
VASE ART (for the unenlightened: VASE - City Night)I know, I know, these aren't ponies! Me and Mishranna are the sole shippers of the magnificent VASE pairing, so fodder is always appreciated. Zuse is a sassy smartass, Vader is Vader, shenanigans ensue, need I say more?NOT VASE ART (ADLG's Lord Vader F1977ADLG's Castor F1982)Er... okay I might have lied about them not being ponies...SAR & DELBAETH ART (ADLG's Frost Prince 1836ADLG's Flaming King F1805)These two have always been the two HARPG boys I played with the most, but they haven't been getting a lot of love lately! Personalities are loosely based off of Loki
  Lupin's (Short) Christmas Wishlist!Hey guys, ignore this if you want XD it's just to remind me of what I'd like to get for myself/from others for Christmas this year :)
- art of Django (Main one I want XD)
- art of my real life horses, Sparky, Aflie and Ruby (pictures to come)
- A Tarot Valorteen 
- art of any of my valorteens
- points are always appreciated ^^ I'm going to be using them to buy more art for my real life horses, especially Sparky, who is quite old now and might not have long left :( . I'd like to have some nice art to put beside her photos to remember her by :)
If you don't want to be tagged just ignore this haha
DragonsFlameMagic xxWinglessWolf IceHoovesAcres Onyx-Niight AR-Jones 
  Christmas Wishlist! Well since everyone is doing one of these, i'm gonna post one too! 
If you give me one of the items on my list, I'll do my best to give you one on your list/ something similar!
Just because I want to be nice~
~Artwork of my MLP OC Neon Beats
~ Artwork of any of the following Nordanners:
A4838 SunLight
A4367 Frozen Heart
4555 Nightbane
  Valor Christmas Tag!Valor Christmas Wish list tag!
Thank you to the lovely DragonsFlameMagic for coming up with this wonderful idea! I am tagging a few peeps, hope  I don’t forget anyone haha! Please let me know if I do! And if you are not making a Journal, please comment who you’d like art of for Christmas! You totally don't have to, just tagging whoever i thought might have some Christmassy fun! (I just realized i didn't explain well, as usual :P its a christmas tag! you tag you friends for christmas art ideas!)
Tagging: wittch WinterGiraffe Rarzz araquartz xxWinglessWolf AR-Jones DragonsFlameMagic
Incase anyone wants to join in on the fun, here is a few of my pons with a little background to them to pick from! Again don't feel like you have to do anything for me! I'd still like a list from you guys no matter what!
Coffee Tipped Cranium 290 aka Beans!
Beans is my first ever Valorteen and he is just
  Christmas wish list...wasnt gonna make one but DragonsFlameMagic made me xD
Art of any of my characters, I love art of them and actually print out some of my favorite pieces and frame them<3 I'd love art of some of these cute characters:

-yeti tokos:eyes:
Link me your lists so I know what to get you!!


DragonsFlameMagic's Profile Picture
Rae Love
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My fiancée CartoonistJack

you can contact me at



DFM Tesla 800 by DragonsFlameMagic

Tesla 800

DFM Valorteen Barn
Original Import
Valorteen 800 by DragonsFlameMagic
ID: 800
Name: Tesla
Color: Black Roto Dun
Geno: Ee aa RotRot DD
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Age: 6
Height: 16 hh
Breed: Valorteen
Owner: DragonsFlameMagic
Bloodline: 2nd generation
Class: Rare Mutation
Breeding Perk:
Personality: Lots of energy

Vanilla and Feng by DragonsFlameMagic

Sire:Feng F421
Dam: RCF Vanilla Ice F637

BREEDING - SLOTS OPEN FOR ART TRADESPainter 50 Puntos Points / 500 Points / $5
Puntos Prices are based on class rarity and breeding perks.
 Valorteen's Puntos Points System
SLOT TRADES = 1 Rare / or 2 Uncommon slots and 1 Common / or 5 Common slots / or 10 Natural slots

Grade Blood Level
1. OPEN for AR-Jones 
2. OPEN for Onyx-Niight :wink:


Bullet; Red PUNTOS LEVEL Bullet; Red


DFM Tesla 800 by DragonsFlameMagic FB = 5

Bullet; Red Grand Total Bullet; Red
5 Puntos Points
30 deviations
Valorteen 779 by DragonsFlameMagic
Valorteen 779
ID: 779
Colour: Chestnut Rabicano Veiled-Appaloosa Edged-White Dun
Geno: ee aa nRb nLp nEdg nVlap DD

Breedin Barn Donations III by DragonsFlameMagic#6

----------------------------------------- SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire:Joker F718 
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: Shenandoah F129
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam:Verity 581 
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: Beauty of Lowenbrau F310
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown
Valorteen 778 by DragonsFlameMagic
Valorteen 778
ID: 778
Colour: Faux-Cremello Sabino Leopard-Appaloosa Dun
Geno: ee Ata nCr nPrl Sb nLp Ptn1 DD

Breedin Barn Donations III by DragonsFlameMagic#5


------------------------------------------ SSS:
IHA Rune of Guiscard F147
----------------- SS:
Sasha 177Trophy
------------------------------------------ SSD:
Pumpkin Pie 134Trophy 
Spook 282Star! Star! Star! Star!
------------------------------------------ SDS: 
----------------- SD: 
SGS A Skulls Cranium F51
------------------------------------------ SDD: 

------------------------------------------ DSS:
ADLG's Black Jack F21
----------------- DS:
Cashing Out 361
------------------------------------------ DSD:
Valorteen Import: F360
Lily of the Valley 518
------------------------------------------ DDS: 
----------------- DD:
Eirwen F344
------------------------------------------ DDD:

Continued Lineage

SSDS: Moldy Pumpkin F6Trophy
SSDD: Willow F100Trophy 

+140 pp in lineage points


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LupinHallow Featured By Owner 2 days ago

would scry go under Muerto or above? I'm silently praying that it can be underneath cause I've got some ideas X'D
DragonsFlameMagic Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So the definition for Scry is
The horse is covered in a colorful, saturated haze. Must have soft edges, must cover no more than 75% of the horse. Eyes much match.

Muerto is a white pattern and I believe it goes over the scry. All the imports made thus far have been like that. Spilled white I think is what you are looking for. You can color the Muerto with that mutation. but I will tag AR-Jones just to get more clarification

AR-Jones Featured By Owner 2 days ago
LupinHallow oh I just see Flames beat me to the explanation here, haha! Flames was absolutely right, muerto is a white-pattern and goes over. :XD:
Ajax-Equine Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
I only recently found your DA page, and I'm simply in love with your art.

I'm also extraordinarily new to drawing horses, and honestly suck?? But y'know, looking at your work gives me the hope I need to continue practicing :')
DragonsFlameMagic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awe wow! Thank you so much for saying that! It truly has made my day!!!
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